Grizzly Bear (Ursus arctos)

Length:6.5 - 7 ft.

Height (on 4's):3.5 ft.

Weight:330-825 lb.

Gestation:220 days

Life Span:25 years

Speed:35 mph

Status:Today 125,000-150,000 grizzly bears still roam the world in isolated, undeveloped areas. The largest populations are in the coniferous forests of the former USSR. There about 100,000 black bears. In Spain, Italy, and France there are now less then 100 grizzlies in remote areas. In the US there are only about one thousand grizzly bears only 1% of what used to be their original range. The rest of the brown bears are in Canada’s western providences and Alaska with about 50,000 grizzly bears.

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