Body Length:2-4 feet

Tail Length:6 in.

Shoulder Height:1-1.5 feet

Weight:15-30 lbs

Litter Size:2-3

Gestation:60-70 days

Life Span:12-15 years

Status:The bobcat has been valued for its fur since they illegalized the slauter of spotted cats such as the jaguar. By the late 1970's, about 95,000 bobcats were killed annually. CITES feared that this would bring an end to the bobcat, so the Fish + Wildlife organization began to monitor the killings of these cats. The bobcat is quick to change and so has done well with the incoming of humans to the Americas. Now, there are an estimated 700,000 - 1,500,000 bobcats today, but the bobcat is still hunted today and their habitat is being destroyed.

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